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April 25th, 2008

imagnocean: (tribal)
Friday, April 25th, 2008 10:49 pm
Hi can you please forward this to as many people you know and ask if they would sign this petition, even if you are not a bellydancer, please take time to support thoses who are:-


Stems from this post:

"Hello all.

Sad news I'm afraid. I have just spoken to the home office who has confirmed that belly and tribal dancers in the UK are included in the VCR (Violent Crimes Reduction Bill).
As Belly dancers, we are not covered in the exemptions of being classed as a 'sporting activity' or a Historical reenactment. While we can perform with our existing swords, if you have public liability insurance. You can no longer purchase a new blade.

This is scary thought, as if we are not included in the exclusions to the ban, the art form of sword dancing will ultimately die out in the UK! my sword was broken recently In a workshop when it was dropped. I now can't get a new one....

The only way we can get this changed for all belly dancers is to voice our concern and request that as a dance form that we are allowed to continue to be allowed to purchase swords, so that we can continue with a beautiful art form.

Please, Please take the time to sign the e-petition to request that the government make bellydancers and tribal dancers exempt from the VCR Bill. It will take a huge volume of dancers and people who support dance to sign the petition and make a difference, so please take the time to sign the petition and support us dancers."


This may slightly affect Gothla and other events in years to come.

I really don't want to see sword dancing die out in the UK.  (although I understand the limiting of sale of big long sharps)